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Cabbage Ball Members Association of America is the official Association of Cabbage Ball.  We are determined to make cabbage ball known nationwide and eventually worldwide!  Cabbage Ball is a sport that allows guys and girls of all ages to enjoy a game similar to baseball, but without the need of gloves!

We encourage anyone that loves sports to become a member of our association.  Our goal is to reach a million members within two years.  The first step in spreading cabbage ball nationwide is to setup sponsored tournaments, allowing everyone to play the game of cabbage ball.  Experiencing cabbage ball in tournaments will lead to forming teams and starting up leagues.  Once the CBMAA system is in place, on to the next city!  Besides cabbage ball played in leagues and tournaments, our overall goal is to have cabbage ball offered in grammar schools, high schools, and colleges nationwide.  If our overall goal is reached, the chances of cabbage ball becoming a professional sport are excellent. 
Join CBMAA today and help cabbage ball evolve from a sport only known in New Orleans to become a sport known in every city nationwide!
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              Cabbage Ball
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                                                         Let's Do the Math!
        Baseball Team Expenses  > $50(basic glove) x 9 players = $450 plus balls, bats, & bases
        Softball Team Expenses >  $50(basic glove) x 10 players = $500 plus balls, bats, & bases
            Cabbage Ball Team Expenses >
"NO GLOVES NEEDED" = just balls, bats, & bases
Playing Cabbage Ball, a sport similar to baseball and softball, will save a team $450-$500!
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