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A word from the Commissioner - When forming a team, just remember that team shirts are required during league play.  Sometimes, with the economy like it is, purchasing team shirts can be difficult.  Find a sponsor that will purchase the team shirts as well as put up the league fee.  This will be free advertisement not only within your community but if the team makes it national, free nationwide advertising!  If no sponsor is available within your area, check with for national sponsors that may be interested in sponsoring your team!  >  Corporate, a partner of and a division of  > Copyright 2009
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Ray Maggio - Born and raised in New Orleans.  Grew up playing all sports, including cabbage ball.  Always considered cabbage ball as the easiest sport to gather teams and just go out and play.  At the time, Mr. Maggio is working on his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.  Mr. Maggio is the head of the CBMAA and is responsible for advertising and sponsorship.

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Jan Callahan - Born and raised in New Orleans.  Also grew up playing the sport throughout all the years of childhood.  Nicknamed "the ice wagon", Jan was an excellent at bat, hitting the ball far enough to round the bases! Ms. Callahan is responsible for maintaining existing members and welcoming new members to CBMAA.

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Derek Lawson - Born and raised in New Orleans.  Grew up playing cabbage ball throughout childhood as well as through his late teen and early adulthood years!  Mr. Lawson is responsible for maintaining and running the CBMAA leagues across the nation.

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